Making ice cream alone is not enough for us! Our ice cream should not only be delicious, but also sustainable. After all, it doesn't help if you cool down with ice cream but pollute important ecosystems like the BLACK FOREST in the process. That's why we offset all emissions generated during the production and consumption of our BLACK FOREST ICE CREAM products by supporting climate protection projects. Our cups are made from FSC-certified paper and coated with renewable raw materials.


We examine every sundae, every chocolate sprinkle and every drop of water. Everything is recorded in a balance sheet - our carbon footprint is created.


We recognize the roots of our emissions and avoid and improve what we can! For example, we improved our energy supply by installing PV systems. We also look for and implement improvements in raw materials.


We offset the unavoidable emissions with the help of environmental projects. Curious? Just scroll down for more information!

To keep the BLACK FOREST as beautiful as it is, we support, for example, the project "Germany + Black Forest"! Sustainable actions such as planting campaigns, young growth care and biotope care for squirrels & Co. help to keep the forest fit for the next generation.

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